Ashley Herrin Art Direction & Photo




All The Fall Things

Autumn. (Probably) my favorite season. I say "probably" because to be honest, it's so hard to pick favorites here in New England. All seasons are visually stunning, all have their ups and downs, but all, at the end of the day, leave their mark and help carve forever memories into our storybook.

Towards the end of this season I made a big purchase and upgraded my camera. I've decided to stay in the Nikon family for now and was totally torn between a Nikon D750 and Nikon D810. At the end of the day the 750 won out...really, what was I going to need such large-format images for? I haven't been contracted for a billboard, yet.

New cameras always bring a sense of renewed inspiration. On top of that it seems as though you've suddenly reverted back to your younger, hobbyist photographer self, wanting to bring your camera with you everywhere you go all over again. Adding to this is the beauty of Autumn in New England. The end result are these fall snaps from miscellaneous trips out and about. Enjoy!