Ashley Herrin Art Direction & Photo




New England Ski Resort Digital Pins

I'm very much a winter sports enthusiast, and skiing is one of my favorites. I've been skiing since my early years, when my parents, whom were both ski instructors, decided it was time for my brother and I to gear up with some sticks. From day one, I was hooked. I fell in love with hucking myself down a hill or off the tiniest jump (always sure to pull a spread eagle, regardless of height off the ground), it was liberating!

One of my fondest memories growing up in New England during the winter months, was playing hooky from school with my dad and heading up to Pat's Peak or Ragged for a week-day filled with few tourists and clean turns. That couple with our weekend trips, what seemed like every weekend, made for an active winter.

And from an early age I began a collection of pins from my visits to the area resorts...with hopes of getting one for each mountain, and more. Just about every season they changed or introduced a new pin, some were quite basic, others had flashy details..either way, I loved making my way into the ski shop at the end of the day, and buying myself a $5 pin. It was life.

I still have the pins somewhere, tucked away in a desk at my parents house in New Hampshire..and probably something I'll never throw away.

I'm quite nostalgic. When it comes to design, I sometimes have an affinity towards retro or vintage. I am obsessed with old type, and the art that went into hand-painted and drawn signs. So it comes as no surprise, at least not to me, that I would have the desire to begin a digital "pin" design project for New England's ski resorts. A touch of the old mixed with the new. Here's a start on this, more will come over the next few weeks, months or whenever I find time...