Ashley Herrin Art Direction & Photo

Fitz is a Phoenix

Fitz Is a Phoenix -

University of Phoenix

Creative Director: Jose Luis Martinez
Copywriter: Erin Arbaugh
Art Director: Ashley Herrin
Director: Gary Land Productions

Weeks before the Super Bowl, the University of Phoenix approached us to create a TV spot featuring Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona Cardinals wide receiver, and University of Phoenix student. Larry and his team had a strong chance to make it to the big game - so UPX wanted to create a spot that featured Larry and highlighted his hard-working habits and determination on the field and in the classroom. In just over two weeks time, we had two :15s for social, a :60 for web and two :30 TV spots. The TV spots aired on ESPN and the NFL Network a week before the big game.

In addition to my AD role, I captured behind-the-scenes photos throughout the day of the shoot to be used in accompanying creative or social posts as needed.