Nar - 'get realtor' social Campaign

Creative Director(s): Nate Donabed & Josh Kahn
Copywriters: Miki Turner, Liz Breen
Art Directors: Jamie Malnati, Ashley Herrin


Working with the National Association of Realtors, we've been tasked with creating robust and content-rich social handles targeting prospective home buyers and those interested in real estate. Under the brand strategy of 'Get Realtor', our social purpose was to be disruptive in the category, and to educate and inform millennials. The current millennial mindset is that most things can be done online, even buying a home. Our social channels have successfully reinstated the purpose and importance of a Realtor while maintaining a humorous yet informative tone.

Hacking THE Social Interface

A lot of the work we produced for NAR's social channels made clever use of some of the features found on social channels. This included hacking Facebook and Instagram carousels, tap for sound features, and tap to reveal accounts on Instagram. This work was a smart and unique approach to social.

SWIPE TO REVEAL THE FULL PICTURE (facebook & instagram)
This concept utilized Facebook and Instagram's image carousel feature. We created a series of posts that revealed the "full picture" - ultimately revealing what one might not catch by looking at the online listing. The full effect of this post was only realized if the carousel was swiped through completely.

There's more to the listing than what you see in the photos, or can even identify at an Open House. Learn more about those hidden things, such as mold, landscaping and extreme weather, that make a big deal when shopping for a home. For this execution we created 11 "ghost accounts" that served as information hubs for those who "tapped" to reveal what was lying beneath the photo's surface.

TAP FOR SOUND (instagram)

Utilizing Instagram's 'Tap For Sound' feature, we created a series of videos that revealed the true story behind the listing photo.