Creative Director(s): Nate Donabed & Josh Kahn
Copywriter: Liz Breen
Art Director: Ashley Herrin

In 2016, we worked with The National Association of Realtors® to create a series of online videos called Realtor Hacks. The video series focused on simple, DIY renovations that can transform any home. The "hacks" featured were simple - from painting an accent wall to adding fresh potted flowers to any porch - and were chosen for their low entry barrier; they don't require large amounts of time, money or skill... anyone can do them.

Using the Facebook and Instagram carousel features, we introduced the video series in a fun & visually appealing manner. Utilizing the carousel format to display the "full picture", each individual carousel video displayed one of the simple fixes. The renovations all built in succession from left to right.

In addition to the carousel units, we created a master video of each overhaul. This video overlayed all three of the individual carousel time-lapses into one.