Ashley Herrin Art Direction & Photo

This Month in Boston

This Month in Boston -


Chief Creative Officer: Icaro Doria
Creative Director/Design: Ashley Herrin
Cover Art: Helen Rieger, Zoe Myers, Tori Mortenson, Mackenzie Hart, Arthur Darauju, Chris Rocco, Liam Reardon, Ryan Wong, Gianna Balasco, Wes Dorsainvil, Becky Brinkerhoff, Anthony Adamick, Caroline Tan, Ashley Herrin
Print Producer: Jim Spadafora
Producer/Internal Mktg: Kendra Crone, Laura Voigt

This Month in Boston is a free monthly publication that serves as a round-up of music, art, food and drink and cultural events happening every month in the greater-Boston area; your cheat sheet to the city if you will. The publication is designed and curated by Arnold, and has been in print since early 2018. Copies are distributed at local hotels, cafes and coffee shops, universities and other organizations around Boston. The art featured within each issue is created by our employees.

photography © Liam Reardon & Ryan Wong