Ashley Herrin Art Direction & Photo

Tribe Hummus

Tribe Hummus Social -

Tribe Hummus

Executive Creative Director: Sean McBride
Associate Creative Director: Ashley Herrin
Copywriter: Collin Smith
Art Director: Gianna Balasco
Jr. Writer: Zoe Myers
Jr. Art Director: Helen Reiger
Content Creators: Ryan Wong, Liam Reardon, Chris Rocco

Tribe Hummus approached us in 2017 with a problem: they needed a personality and look and feel on social and across the digital space. Arnold assembled a scrappy-social-loving team to get the job done. What we created was a funny and witty social presence for a hummus brand who was willing to take chances & dip their spoon into cultural conversations when appropriate. who knew chickpeas could be so fun(ny)? Sometimes, we even got press (press,and press) for our efforts.

The majority of our content was created in-house; reaching out of house when appropriate or budgets allowed. To that end, we all wore a lot of hats - photographers, food stylists, recipe creators, recipe testers, etc.