Ashley Herrin Art Direction & Photo

Western Vistas

Earlier this year I began taking pottery classes. Having always been inspired by other ceramic artists that I've had the opportunity to meet and photograph, I decided to take a seat at the wheel and learn for myself. Every week I look forward to my weekly pottery class and sitting behind the wheel. It has been a difficult skill to master - and one I assume that no one ever truly does, but it has provided the necessary mental escape from the oftentimes chaotic and hectic daily life. Over the past few months I've noticed my work taking inspiration from some of the landscapes I've encountered on my travels - especially that of the southwest. These awe-inspiring western vistas... the red, orange, pinks and white of the hoodoos of Utah to the vibrant red rock found in Capitol Reef all have provided me a visual inspiration that's truly hard to put into words. So I've begun trying to capture these landscapes through pottery. My pieces are more minimalist in nature - the glazes used are reminiscent of the colors of the dessert while my preferred clay is a buff stoneware that turns a crispy red in areas when fired.

I will continue to add work to this page as my study of the desert and pottery evolves.